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Steve D.

Miami, FL

This place is a full-fledged 24/7 LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital, with a staff of specialists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, cardiologists and internal medicine specialists, as well as a full complement of vet and surgical techs. It’s a very nice and clean facility, and from the time I stepped foot in the place everyone has been very professional and compassionate. I can probably agree with some complaints in that getting responses or call backs can take a long time, and they don’t always call when they say they will. But I also understand that this is an emergency hospital and sometimes higher priority cases and emergencies pull the doctors and staff away, so I’m not going to grade them down on that.

Yes, medical and surgical care for pets is expensive. But I’ll assume that you consider your loved one like one of your own children, and you’ll do whatever you can, and spend whatever necessary to ensure they receive the best medical care. If not, then perhaps you should reevaluate if having a pet is right for you. Besides, consider the human equivalent of whatever emergency your pet is experiencing and think about how much that treatment will cost you in a hospital without insurance.

I was referred here by my regular vet, where they were able to diagnose several large tumors/masses in my ten year old lab’s abdomen. Because he was in significant discomfort, I really only had two choices. Euthanasia, or complex surgery to try and remove the masses. I chose the latter. Before doing so I discussed the surgery and the cost with our regular vet. He said I won’t find a better specialty hospital in south Florida and felt the costs were in line with what I’d find at any other veterinary hospital in this area. So Cosmo goes in at noon and an hour into the surgery the surgeon called me and gave me a status update. They had been successful in removing most of the mass/tumors, and that to remove any more would be trickier as it involved his left kidney and some major arteries. But the decision was made to continue. After a total of 3 hours of surgery the doctors were successful in removing all of the masses and were able to save his kidney. Cosmo has been home recuperating now for two days, and we’re still awaiting results of the biopsy, but I have no doubt that Dr. Unis saved his life and he’ll now be able to live a normal and full life. Can you really put a price on that?