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Spring Is In The Air (Pet Safety Tips)

The days are getting longer, we are putting away our winter gear, (in Florida we never got it out) and we’re getting geared up for the outdoorsy fun we’ll be having in the spring. But, as we prepare for spring, we have to keep our pets in mind. Season changes mean new things are in their environment and some stuff needs to be checked. As you transition your surroundings remember the following tips: Spring Cleaning– Be mindful of the chemicals in the cleaners you use around the house. Keep your pets out of the room till the floors and other surfaces are completely dry. Think about using more eco-friendly cleaners and natural products. Holiday decorations and treats– Spring time holidays like Easter means there are things for your cats and dogs to eat that aren’t good for them. If you celebrate Easter, keep the fake plastic grass, chocolates, and other sugary treats out of reach of your pets. Windows and Door care– Check your windows and doors for holes or weak spots in the screens. You don’t want bugs crawling into your house and you definitely don’t want your cat accidentally getting out if s/he’s indoor only. Flea and tick preventatives– Visit your vet to get your pets started on preventatives again. Spring is when fleas and ticks start coming out again. Keep them away from your pet with preventatives and out of your house, yard, and carpeting. Lawn and Yard care– Lawn and yard fertilizers are highly toxic. If you can, look for alternatives to the usual bone meal, cocoa mulch, and pesticides used to make gardens beautiful. Thank you petswelcome for these safety tips.