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Children,Pets And Grief

The loss of a pet for your child will be an emotional time – and a time that they will turn to you for guidance and love. A time when they will want to grieve for their little friend and to know that they can openly mourn their loss.nWhile your first instinct may be to protect your child from the pain of the loss, a child will want to have that time to mourn. As a parent, you will be the barometer for how your child will perceive that it´s okay to grieve the loss. I encourage you to openly mourn with them and to ask them how they would like to honor their little pet friend.nChildren are very open and honest when it comes to grieving and mourning. They are organically natural in this area. It´s adults that interrupt what comes natural to them as children. Therefore, encourage them to pay tribute to their pet in a way that makes sense to them. Guide them with these ideas: Talk about the pet Draw a picture of the pet Plant a flower for the pet Have a memorial service Do a drive for a shelter to honor the pet Create a Tribute Table to hold special memorial items of the life that was shared together Thank you to our friends at The Pet Loss Center for this article.